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I have been using the Hanley Fold Farm products for a couple of years.  I’m going to be 64 years old and as you age, your skin begins to get really dry.  Well NOT so when you use your soaps and lotion bars.  My skin and hands always feel soft to the touch.  I’ve tried several of the fragrances and love them all.  As far as the lip balm, it works better than any I’ve tried in the past.  I use it every night before going to bed, especially in the winter months when the furnace is being used.  I would always wake up with dry lips, but not since I started applying the lip balm before bed.  Plus I put it on just before using my lipstick and it serves a dual purpose of keeping my lips from cracking and having to use lip gloss.  I buy mostly organic, so these all natural products are perfect in every way and I get to support a small family owned business.  That’s a priority for everyone I know during these very challenging economic times!  Thanks Anne…God Bless you and your family!


 Donna Weber, CLLM

Sales Manager, Mother, and Grandmother- St. Peters


The vanilla-oatmeal soap changed my life! I have been using prescription medication to treat my acne for quite awhile and it has helped my skin, but I just wasn’t happy about the texture of it. I mentioned this to Anne and I guess she knew exactly what I needed because very soon after our conversation she suggested that I use the vanilla-oatmeal soap. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical because I have tried so many products. The first day I used the soap I could immediately tell the difference the moment I stepped out of the shower. My skin was so smooth and so soft. The vanilla-oatmeal soap is a great exfoliant. First, I just used it on my face; now I use it all over. My skin has never felt like this. I have used the vanilla-oatmeal soap everyday since then and I plan to use this soap for the rest of my life.
- Nealya, St. Louis


I have had rosacea since my mid twenties, I'm currently 37, and most soaps harm my skin or cause me to have a rash (especially around my neck, armpits, chest and back).  This soap doesn't cause any of that.  I started off with the unscented bar and moved up to the spruce.  Neither of these caused any problems.  I'm not a scientist but I have a feeling it is because of the natural ingredients that you won't find in any store bought soap.  I really like this soap and I would recommend it to anyone.  Give it a try!
- Lou Coco, Webster Groves


Hanley Fold Farm soap is an excellent product. It has great texture, lather, and variety. I also like the idea of supporting an independent, family business.
- Bryan Kirchoff, St. Louis


I began using Anne’s soap when I came to St. Louis for a traveling nurse assignment. I was hesitant to use a new product on my face. I have rosacea and tend to get red and blotchy from just about everything! However, Anne encouraged me to try the unscented or lavender bars. I was so amazed! My skin immediately felt smoother and softer—and it has never looked better. Well, it has been ten months now and I’m still very pleased. In fact, I’ve ordered a lifetime supply as I never intend to run out! Thank you Anne!
- Jeanine Higgins, RN


Hi, I love the unscented goats milk soap. My skin use to itch with any other soap but not yours. It is hard to find unscented products for your skin, so I am looking forward to your web site and being able to find out more about your products. Much success.

- Nancy K
I have known Anne for a while now. With her integrity and fastidiousness for near perfection, if possible, her soaps and any other product can only be the best it can be. Having said that, her soap is the only thing my husband and myself use, no dry or itchy skin since using it. I am looking forward to any new products HFF may come up with and the website to keep up on what's happening with their products. Also will make letting my friends know how to get them easily also. You go, girl, the best soap for the money by far.  With God all things are possible! 

- Katey J, Hopkins, MI
My sister gave me Anne's soap for Christmas.  I  am in my sixties and never have had a skin problem.....but my skin is softer than it has ever been.  I used it on my hair and I can't believe the difference.  My husband has white hair and after using the bar soap  his hair is soft and manageable.  We will never have to buy expensive conditioners,  shampoo or any other types of soap to wash with again.  Thanks, Anne!
- Roger & Jane, Hopkins, MI
Anne's Soap and business are excellent! She knows the value of quality products and the importance of local commerce. Why spend your money buying commercial soap from a factory far far away, when you can have the best soap (the only soap you'll ever need) made and sold right here in St. Louis. You can sleep well knowing that you have helped a local growing business and yourself at the same time. Whether you have a skin condition or you just want to smell like the wind, Anne's got what you're looking for! Visit her at the Farmer's Markets and find out for yourself what she got for you!
- Chris Perron (Woodworker/Architect), St. Louis, MO
I have used Hanley Fold Farm soap for about 2 years and find it to always be a treat in the shower or by the sink.  I particularly like the way the soap lathers and how it makes my skin feel soft.
- Bernadette Kleissler, RN, wife and mother of 2, St. Louis, MO
The soaps made at Hanley Fold Farms are not only pure and natural, but they are the best smelling soaps with the best quality I have ever purchased. Hanley Fold's soaps are reasonably priced, last a long time and are a treasure that I not only enjoy using myself, but am proud to give to friends and family. The scents are rich and clean, made with pure extracts that leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I hope you enjoy using these soaps as much as I have over the last few years.

- Amy, O'Fallon, IL  


I love this soap! I offered several different bars as prizes at my sister-in-law's baby shower, and guests couldn't keep their hands and noses off them. My personal favorite is the Lilac. The bars last a long time and feel wonderful on my skin --- a wonderful little luxury!

- Linda Rabenberg


I absolutely love my lip balm and the lotion bars. I love the lotion scents and the way they go on - not greasy. And the lip balm, well, I don't go anywhere without mine...and I have two so I place them strategically throughout the house and in my pockets and purse. I got the peppermint and absolutely love the smell. Thanks Hanley Fold Farm!! I plan on being a return customer!

- S, Ontario, Canada


I have not used soap on my face for years because of the drying/tightening of the skin feel that it leaves. Because Anne's soap is made differently than most soaps, I decided to try it on my face. It works beautifully, leaving the skin moist and fresh feeling. I also recommend the clove coffee soap and the wooden soap dish that goes with it. We use it in the kitchen to wash our hands while cooking and it takes the onion, garlic and other strong smells out of your hands without drying your hands. Also, I like the soap dish; it's designed well as it allows any excess water to run off so the bar will last longer.  
- Helen Valenza, St Peters, MO


I really like the soap.  My favorite is peppermint.  It's GREAT!

- Christina Valenza, St. Peters, MO (age 9)


I really like your soap. It smells very good and I really like the one that smells like spicy cut outs (Christmas Cookie).  
- Grace Valenza, St Peters, MO (age 6)


Anne gave me a sample of her lotion bar while we were students in nursing school. With it being the dead of winter and having to wash hands so much, my cuticles were dry, ragged, and my fingernails were dry. After just two nites of applying the lotion bar to my cuticles and nails, they were nice and moist. This has become a part of my nightly routine now, winter or summer!  

- Mary Walbridge, R.Ph, RN, St. Louis, MO


Hanley Fold Farm soap is a fantastic product. Ever since trying Anne's soap, I have stayed away from store bought soap. It does wonders for my dry skin, and I noticed that I don't have to use moisturizer as often as I used to. There are so many great scents to choose from, there is something for everyone. It even makes a wonderful gift.
- Caroline Harvey, Swansea IL


I began using Anne's soap for myself and eventually on my fair skinned eczema suffering children. We cannot live without it. It is perfect. It is all natural, moisturizing and leaves you feeling clean. I am a fan of the oatmeal bars and the unscented bars for the kids. I also bought a bar for each of my family members for christmas and they were thrilled. 
- Chaney, O'Fallon, MO

My husband works in construction & has always had extremely dry skin from being out in the weather. He noticed such an improvement in the dryness of his skin that he now will not use anything but Hanley Fold Farm Soaps. I love the fresh, clean scents & the moisturizing effects. 
- Sherry Felker, RNC, O'Fallon, MO


For many years I have lived with eczema on my face in the winter.  I was introduced to the Gloria's Oatmeal and Honey Unscented soap and have gone the entire winter thus far without eczema.  As a house cleaner, I find that the harsh chemicals really tear up my hands, especially my cuticles.  After 2 days of using the lotion bar on my dry, cracked, bleeding cuticles, they were healed.  
- Stacy, St. Peters, MO


Also – I wanted to tell you – the one bar of soap I gave to my friend who has a 5 year old little girl (my Goddaughter Grace) – she has the hardest time getting her to wash her hands – she’s constantly reminding her to wash her hand after using the bathroom – she’s even bought all those pump bottles of soap with Dora and Barbie and the sorts on them thinking she would use those without being reminded – but no – still a battle of the hand washing.  Well she put the wooden soap dish and the bar of mango soap in the bathroom, Grace didn’t even know what a bar of soap was – she was like – ‘Mom – what’s this on the bathroom sink’ – so she explained it to her – that it’s a bar of soap and showed her how to use it.  I’m here to tell you – you would have thought that was the neatest invention she’s ever seen – and you no longer have to remind her to wash her hands – and sometimes when she’s walking by the powder room – she’ll go in and just wash her hands – I’m telling you – your soap has put an end to the “battle of the hand washing!”

- Lisa Copeland, St. Peters, MO